Terms & Conditions

The Event

The Ride for Country Kids (RFCK/the Ride) is a cycling event held over 3 consecutive days from 17- 19 March 2024. The Ride is a 330km+ cycling event across regional NSW to raise vital funds for country kids:

Day 1: Merimbula to Merimbula (circle) via Eden 
Day 2: Merimbula to Merimbula (circle) via Bega 
Day 3: Merimbula to Cobargo via Tathra

The RFCK is organised by Royal Far West (RFW) in partnership with the specialised skills and event management experience of Entoure.

These Terms and Conditions are designed to enable the Event to operate safely, effectively and in accordance with the law. By joining the Ride, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Entry.

It is important that you understand your rights and obligations. Please take the time to review these Terms and Conditions and if you have any questions, please contact our Events team at 02 9466 1750.


Rider Commitments

By joining us for the 2024 RFCK, all riders commit to and must:

  • Agree to Entoure’s Conditions of Entry, which form part of these Terms and Conditions
  • Agree to the Fundraising Terms of the Event
  • Adhere to all COVID-19 Public Health Requirements, including vaccination and/or testing requirements, social distancing and hand hygiene protocols during the Event
  • Hold current AusCycling Membership
  • Accept the Waiver, Release and Discharge


AusCycling Membership

As part of our commitment to your safety, the RFCK is insured through and has been sanctioned by AusCycling (formerly Cycling Australia). A condition of this public liability insurance is that all participants in this event must hold a current membership with AusCycling (membership type is at each individual rider’s discretion). Monthly membership starts at $9 per month and all participants must ensure they have AusCycling Membership. 'Lifestyle Basic' membership is insufficient for this event, membership must be 'Lifestyle' or above. You will need to provide us with your membership number prior to taking part in the Event on 17 March 2024.

Access membership here: https://www.auscycling.org.au/membership


Waiver, Release and Discharge

You indemnify, hold harmless, release and discharge RFW, their contractors, partners, employees, agents and all Event volunteers from any and all liability howsoever caused, including but not limited to:

  1. all claims for death, injury, illness, financial loss or property damage in relation to the Event;
  2. liability arising from actual or alleged negligence, fault, act(s), or omission(s) of RFW, their contractors, employees, agents, and Event volunteers in relation to the Event, save for death or personal injury; and
  3. any loss or damage that is suffered, caused, or arises as a consequence of your participation in the Event.

You agree that participation by you is at your own risk. You acknowledge that RFW’s Public Liability Insurance Policy does not provide cover for Event participants.


Photography of Participants

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and participating in the Event, you consent to the taking of images or video footage of you during the Event by RFW or its authorised agents and authorise the use of such images or video footage of you by RFW, its authorised agents and its sponsors in all forms of media without any further approval or compensation. RFW will not disclose any other identifying information without your express consent.


Personal Responsibility

You are responsible for all personal property you bring to the Event. You understand that RFW accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage or harm caused to your personal property whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

Trained first aid officers are available for the duration of the Ride. If you become ill or are injured, RFW and/or Entoure will endeavour to engage appropriate medical support and may arrange medical transport, if needed, usually in an ambulance, but no responsibility is accepted for such transport being available nor the care provided. Any medical transport costs must be met by you. RFW recommends that you take out ambulance service membership for the duration of the Event.


Event Cancellation & Weather

Except as otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions and as required by law, RFW is under no obligation to refund monies or entry fees due to non-use, cancellation, failure to participate or dissatisfaction by a participant.

The Event is held outdoors and will proceed notwithstanding extreme weather conditions. In RFW’s discretion, the Event may be cancelled, including at short notice, due to circumstances beyond the control of RFW. RFW is not liable to any participant for any loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind including, but not limited to, refund of entry fees in any circumstances.

If the Event is cancelled for any reason, RFW will endeavour to advise all riders as soon as practicable.



To enable the smooth running of the Event and to ensure participants have the best experience possible, RFW makes significant financial commitments in the lead up to the Event. As such, no refunds will be offered for cancellations received after 27 January 2024.

RFW will consider transferring a registration to another rider if a rider is injured and provides a medical certificate at least 7 days prior to the Event.

RFW will consider transferring a registration to another rider if a rider is no longer able to attend and the replacement is committed to reaching the fundraising target.

All riders registered as at 27 January 2024, commit to participating in the Event in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, including meeting the fundraising target.

If you are not willing to commit to the Event and the fundraising target, you must cancel your place on or before 27 January 2024 to have your registration fee refunded.


Fundraising Terms

This Event is designed to raise as much money as possible for kids in the country who are unable to access health care and other services vital to their wellbeing and development. Every rider is expected to raise a minimum of $4,000 to help RFW support even more country children.


Entoure Conditions of Entry

All participants in the Royal Far West Ride for Country Kids 2024 event, are required to read and accept these Conditions of Entry.

By submitting your entry to the 2024 RFCK, you are stating you fully understand and agree to these conditions of entry and the responsibilities set out herein by Entoure and all volunteers and employees of Entoure. You equally acknowledge you are a guest invited to participate in this Ride by Royal Far West.

  1. I, and my heirs, executors and administrators waive all and any claim, right or cause of action which I or they might otherwise have for or arising out of my loss of life, damage or loss of any description whatsoever which I may suffer or sustain in the course of or consequent upon my entry or participation in the event AND I agree that I participate in the said event solely at my own risk.
  1. I acknowledge that the Ride will be held on public roads which are in use by the general public during the Ride and I agree to abide by all laws, including those relating to the use of public roads. I acknowledge that riding on a public road is inherently dangerous, and I am aware of the risks of collision with other road users, including motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, as well as livestock, other wildlife or obstacles and agree to exercise proper care and skill to avoid any collision. I am also aware of the risks of crashing which may result from such hazards as uneven or slippery surfaces, potholes or gravel.  
  1. The Waiver, Release and Discharge shall operate separately in favour of all persons, corporations and bodies involved or otherwise engaged in promoting or staging the event and the servants, agents, representatives and officers of them, any host, first aid, medical and paramedical personnel, police officers, and shall operate whether or not the loss, injury or damage is attributable to the act or neglect of any one or more of them.  
  1. I acknowledge I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and equipment during the Ride.  
  1. I verify that I am physically fit, have appropriate rider experience and skills, have/will have sufficiently trained for the Ride and can ride safely in a peloton at the agreed base level of fitness of around 24km/h. If requested, I will provide a signed doctor’s certificate attesting to my physical health and fitness to participate in the Ride and if requested, attend a qualification training ride and/or adhere to a mutually agreed training plan as recommended by Entoure to get my fitness and skills to the base level. 
  1. I accept and understand it’s my responsibility to reach agreed levels of skills and fitness that keep me and those around me safe, and to be able to meet community timelines along the route and I accept if it is deemed at any time I do not meet the agreed standards to participate and/or it would be unsafe to myself or others or unable to ride safely at the agreed speed, that decision rests with Entoure and Royal Far West.  
  1. I consent to receiving medical treatment, which may be deemed necessary due to injury, accident and/or illness during the Ride and I will adhere to any Covid related policies issued by either Royal Far West or Entoure prior to and throughout the course of this event. 
  1. I acknowledge that to participate in the Ride, I need a road/race bike in good working condition and that no hybrids, mountain bikes, e-bikes, tri bars, tandems, recumbent bikes are allowed. Any request by me to ride a bike that does not conform to a road/race bike specification must be lodged no less than four weeks prior to the event to Entoure to be properly assessed. I acknowledge the decision to allow or disallow a non-conforming bike is made entirely at Royal Far West’s and/or Entoure’s discretion. 
  1. If requested, I agree to present my bike before the Ride at the times to be advised to allow it to be inspected and will accept the decision of the organisers as to ride-worthiness or suitability for the Ride. Notwithstanding such inspection, I acknowledge that at all times I remain responsible for ensuring that my bike is ride-worthy, has been properly maintained and serviced and is in a suitable condition to be able to undertake the Ride safely.  
  1. I accept that mechanical assistance will be provided free of charge during the event, but products/consumables are supplied on a “user pay” basis.  
  1. I understand the risks of cycling and that it is a strong recommendation that I take out full comprehensive rider insurance when training for this event. I acknowledge that it's mandatory for me to hold active membership with AusCycling for the duration of the Ride.  
  1. For my own safety and that of others around me, I agree that I will not under any circumstances listen to music, use ear buds or any other device during the Ride. I understand this is a complete violation of the Ride and also a breach of AusCycling rules and conditions that could negate my insurance.  
  1. I understand and accept that the event has a zero-alcohol policy whilst cycling and that under no circumstances will I consume alcohol or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the Ride.   
  1. I have read these Conditions of Entry and agree to abide by them.  
  1. “Ride” or “event” means the Royal Far West Ride for Country Kids 2024.  

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