Rider information

Preparing for the Ride

Registered and ready to ride? Great! We've got some awesome resources to help with your training and fundraising.

To assist your training for this event, our Ride partner Entoure have prepared custom training plans for each of the three pelotons:

You are welcome download the handy Group Riding Guide and check out the tips below to make sure you’re cycling skills are up to scratch.

Your fundraising page has plenty of tools to help you ask for support from your network. Simply login to your account in the top menu and click on the ‘Get Support’ button. You can post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and send emails all from within the page!

Additional tools like posters and images are available at our Fundraising Resources Page to help you share details of your fundraising efforts on social, via email or within your workplace.

Social training rides

To help riders prepare and build team camaraderie, a series of social training rides have been organised and will be led by Kent Williams and his team from Entoure.

Social training ride dates to be announced soon.

Additional information about the social training rides is shared in the Ride for Country Kids 2024 WhatsApp group. Please contact our events team for your WhatsApp group invitation.

Please also join the STRAVA group and log your training kms and RSVP for the social training rides.

Training info and tips

Get road ready

Ride for Country Kids is a peloton supported ride, held on public roads. Riders will be placed into graded pelotons (groups) and be required to ride safely at an agreed average speed throughout the duration of each day. Each peloton will ride at a collective pace, so it’s imperative everyone participating in the Ride reaches an agreed base level of fitness so they can ride safely with others.


Entoure’s handy Group Riding Guide provides further information on road and peloton safety.

Work on stamina, speed and endurance

The base level for this ride is 25km an hour and peloton average speeds will range from the base level of 25km an hour up to 30km an hour and above (subject to terrain and weather). All riders must understand that a certain level of training and experience is required before embarking on the Ride. It’s important for everyone to work on stamina and endurance and that starts with dusting off the bike and simply jumping aboard. There is no substitute for time on the bike; every training kilometre makes a difference and every training session with a clear purpose will help riders reach their goal.

Design a training plan

We suggest riders take the time to design a training plan that works best for them, because every rider is different, and every rider has different goals, strengths and weaknesses. It’s good to try to identify those areas you need to work on and to focus on those areas as much as you can. If you’re already fit and ride a bike occasionally but, you haven’t ridden in a peloton, then group riding is probably something you need to work on. If you’re new to riding, then your first port of call is to simply ride your bike; set yourself small goals over the next few weeks with the idea to extend your distances and riding intensity on a weekly basis.

Training videos

Learn to adapt your training and meet your Ride goals by taking a look at some of our helpful rider training videos.

How and when to change your gears
Click image to play video

How body weight affects your climbing
Click image to play video

Riding in a group: a simple how-to
Click image to play video

Spinning v Grinding: the best cadence when climbing
Click image to play video

How to draft like a pro
Click image to play video

Cycle further, faster, safer
Click image to play video

Improve your average speed
Click image to play video

How to ride in the rain
Click image to play video

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