Expert tips to get you Ride ready

Sarah Anne Evans is the head coach for Karmea. She is an established triathlon and cycling coach with experience helping athletes at all levels achieve their goals, and a background of 15 years of race experience over various distances and disciplines. Sarah Anne founded Karmea based on principles that create a more complete and rounded athlete, capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.  

To help with your final few weeks of training, Sarah Anne will be providing regular training tips and updates that will help you be at your peak when 22 May rolls around. 

Taking on a multi day long distance cycling event can seem daunting, but we promise you it’s hugely rewarding.  The distance and duration of time in the saddle, and backing up day after day will take its toll on you mentally and physically. You need to be as ready as you can before you roll out on day 1.

Committing to ride this event is the first stage, but how do you prepare for an adventure like this?


Hydrating adequately for training sessions and your event are a key component to successful outcomes. This includes what you drink the day before, during your event, after all the hard work is done and on a day to day basis.

A loss of just 2% in bodyweight will have a detrimental effect on your body’s ability to perform during your ride. Your aerobic capacity falls by a huge 10-20%.


There’s nothing worse than training your heart out for an event to have it to all fall apart on the day due to poorly planned nutrition.  It’s something we see all too often.  The kilometres are in the bank, the hills have been climbed, your bike is tuned, and you have a plan on how you will approach each day. But how well have you planned your fuel?


The Ride for Country Kids is drawing closer, and the excitement and nerves are starting to build. Your training should however been building nicely over the past few months. If you skipped a couple of sessions, don’t sweat it! The main thing to focus on now is what you can do in the remainder of the time leading up to the event.


Well, here it is, the start line of The Royal Far West Ride for Country Kids is nearly upon us.  All the training has been done, your bike is serviced and ready to go.  You have your kit nailed right down to your socks, and your nutrition plan is in place.

It’s time to reap the rewards for all that sacrifice and dedication and make those that have sponsored you proud.

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